Mouse movement remapping improvements

Mouse movement remapping improvements

I often play strategy games or moba like top-down games where character movement and camera movement is bound to mouse. Click to move and move cursor to screen edge to move camera.
I own Azeron which has thumb-joystick that i can no longer game without. It offsets this cluttered mouse controls and allows you to move your camera with your thumb. However, i recently got hardware issues with it and have to switch to "normal" keyboard while new parts are shipping.

I have decided to try and map Z's mouse movement to Arrow keys for in-game camera movement. While this solution is not perfect, it's probably the only one that can come close to having a joystick under the thumb.
However, there is a a few issues that came up while trying to achieve this in Swiftpoint control panel.

Adding a mapping to mouse movement currently requires a button hold, there should be a way to toggle.
Or have it always on for specific profile (which can then be toggled with profile switch if needed).
In addition, adding a mapping to mouse movement blocks the default output (mouse movement). Which i guess might be intended, there should be a possibility to turn this off anyway.

More direct explanation of what i am trying to achieve:
  1. Hold X button and enable mouse movement remap.
  2. Mouse movement behaves like normal (moves the cursor).
  3. Additional commands are sent on mouse movement (Mouse moves up X units  - arrow up is pressed)

I currently have a makeshift solution by using a third party software, binding mouse movement to joystick (because this way it supports deadzones, distance traveled and other configurations and calibrations) and thereafter back to arrow keys, as you might guess, this is extremely non reliable and tedious to configure.