MS Office, Excel & Moving Window with WinKey + Left/Right/Up/Down

MS Office, Excel & Moving Window with WinKey + Left/Right/Up/Down

By simply recording a keymap with WinKey + Left/Right/Up/Down, for almost all MS Office Software, I haven't noticed any problems, EXCEPT for Excel (you just gotta love Microsoft man). This is why I conclude the problem is with Excel, not Swiftpoint.

One would assume the MS Office suit is equally standardized and has all the same base functions from one software to the other. Sadly, that is far from the truth.

In Excel:
When a Window is already resized to half of the screen, on the left or on the right, pressing WinKey + Left/Right, with the keyboard, will move the active Window to another screen or resize it to it's initial size, on the current screen.

With Swiftpoint X1, that doesn't seem to work as is. I inserted a 0.050 Wait function between "WinKey Press" and "Left/Right/Up/Down Tap", and this has solved the problem.

This situation arises specifically within these parameters:
  1. Configuration uploaded on Swiftpoint Tracer's Flash Memory
  2. Swiftpoint X1 not installed on the computer using this function
Hopefully this can help others.