Random Output

Random Output

I just recently discovered this forum recently despite having owned the Swiftpoint Z more than 2 years As I was reading some of the topics, i came across a discussion for a feature I hoped you would include.

Randomize output.

I use it for work similarly to one of the users who uses it to output random text responses, but using Alternate outputting instead. I need to at times randomize tasks and assignments to various people and having that data inside the mouse for me to take wherever I go make thing so much easier.

Having this feature would benefit a lot of us who need/want  to store and randomize texts/output especially when some work environment does not allow to have external programs running but allows to bring our own devices after being vetted. 

I hope you consider adding this feature in your future updates, I'm sure there are a lot of users who are not even aware that it is a feature the Z can do but will surely benefit if they knew.