Some feedback and features I'd love to see on a future Z

Some feedback and features I'd love to see on a future Z

Hi! I'm a 3d artist and I discovered your mouse about 2 years ago. and I LOVE it. it's the single greatest mouse I've ever used. I actually do a lot of video tutorials and stream on Youtube and Twitch and I love talking about this mouse on stream-

Like I say in that clip, I know it's marketed as a "gamer" mouse, but it really is the ultimate productivity mouse, and I'd love to see a version specifically for productivity. 

Now, after using it for a few years I  have a few suggestions about ways I think the mouse could be improved for work type stuff, 3d modeling, programming and things like that. 

1. More deep clicks. When I first got this mouse, deep clicks were something I was a little bit wary about but now I cant live without them. specifically I'd like to see the deep clicks on the front edge buttons.

2. Speaking of the front edge buttons! I'd love to see 2 more on the left side, kinda like the Roccat Tyon (the Roccat Tyon is going to be a theme here....) 

3. The tilt. Get rid of it, it's.... fine. but it makes the mouse feel unstable when you use it, and even after 2 years it still feels awkward, a mouse should feel planted to the surface and solid. Now! I LOVE the functionality of tilt, and what I use it for is modifiers, tilt left/right to change the functions of the buttons, what I'd like to see in place of the tilt are small buttons on the finger rests, again like the Roccat Tyon has, but on both sides. The small button works wonderfully on the Tyon and I think it would work wonderfully on the Z as well. This is actually the feature I'd like to see most of all. 

4. Maybe another thumb button? or... again, the Tyon had the analogue switch on the side. that could work well. 

And that's it! Obviously I know there's stuff like engineering challenges and design stuff or even just cost that  might not make something feasible, so, this is just feedback, letting you guys know 

Again, I can't thank you guys enough for this mouse, it's absolutely incredible.