Swiftpoint Tracer / Z: Enhancements & Suggestions

Swiftpoint Tracer / Z: Enhancements & Suggestions

Two enhancements / suggestions that have come to mind are: for the Mouse Wheel Button and the Fingertip Inserts of the Swiftpoint Tracer / Z. And I would like to stress that these are just personal preferences from my own experience.

Mouse Wheel too hard to press: I normally have multiple shortcuts and macros assigned to the Mouse Wheel Button (pressing down on the Mouse Wheel). I find the Mouse Wheel Button of the Swiftpoint Tracer really hard to press down. So much so, that I sometimes forgo using my macros and shortcuts associated with it, and go the long way around, writing out the full text or going through full menu and submenus for the function I initially programmed into the Mouse Wheel Button. Perhaps, having a softer Mouse Wheel Button could be an idea for future iterations.

Fingertip Inserts a bit too long: I have relatively small hands. I sometimes find myself activating the fingertips inadvertently. Perhaps having other fingertip insert lengths could be an option.

Swiftpoint Z: On a side note, I purchased the Swiftpoint Tracer because the Swiftpoint Z is out of production. One main reason I am interested by the Z, is because of my "natural" way of interpreting Copy / Paste. For some reason, I find it more natural to copy with the right fingertip and pasting with the left fingertip. If I reconfigure the Tracer this way however, that removes the possibility of using a 50% hard press for cut (Ctrl + X) on the right fingertip. So I've kept the initial base configuration of Copy / Cut with the Left Fingertip, and Paste with the Right Fingertip. And so, this is just another word of encouragement in hopes the Swiftpoint Z comes back into production.