Convert GT/ProPoint USB Receiver to enable compatibility with 300 Series Mice.

Convert GT/ProPoint USB Receiver to enable compatibility with 300 Series Mice.

Convert GT/ProPoint USB Receiver to enable compatibility with 300 Series.

Performing this procedure will enable compatibility with 300 series mice, but disable the receivers compatibility with both the ProPoint and GT. It is also irreversible, so only perform it if you do not require this receiver for these other devices.

The required tools for this process, can be found here.

You will need:

- Dongle Commander

- nRFgo Studio for Windows

- SM300 Dongle Firmware

Download all 3 of these parts and follow the instructions below.

Install the Dongle Commander software.

Install the nRFgo Studio software (I used "typical" install).

Once this software is installed follow the instructions below to re-program your dongle.

1) Open the Swiftpoint Dongle Commander and nRFgo Studio (seen below)

2) Connect your new GT dongle (circle on Dongle Commander goes green)

3) Press the "Erase Boot Vector!" button

4) Circle goes black again. Unplug your USB dongle, then plug it back in again. Select "nRF24LU1+ Bootloader" that appears (press small arrow on left to make it visible)

5) Press the browse button

6) Select the previously downloaded firmware file (Swiftpoint nRF24LU1P V1-3 2010-7-5.hex)

7) Press Open. Then press the "Program Flash Memory" button

8) Check that the Log states the re-programming was successful.

9) Close the Dongle Commander and nRFgo Studio programs. Unplug your USB dongle, then plug it back in.

10) Follow normal mouse/dongle repairing procedure

  1.   Insert the USB receiver into your computer.
  2.   While holding down both buttons, repeatedly turn the scroll wheel until both LED lights turn on (this may take up to 45 seconds)
  3.   Let go of the buttons and hold the mouse close to the USB receiver. The lights will turn off when the mouse has "paired" with the receiver. You may need to sit the mouse on the receiver to get the lights to go off.
  4.   Try using the mouse (you may need to click the button to start it).

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