DPI Options

DPI Options

DPI Intro

DPI or "Dots Per Inch" defines how far your cursor will move for every inch your Z moves, so increasing this value will increase your pointer speed.

The DPI on your mouse can be set separately for each profile and is shown just above the image of your mouse on the profile overview screen. Its default value is 1500, but values from 100 to 12,000 in increments of 100 are supported.

Modifying DPI

To modify the DPI in a profile, simply click on the DPI number on that profile or the crosshair icon. This will display your current DPI with a slider to adjust it, and a button that can be used to add additional DPI levels.

Using Multiple DPI Levels

DPI Levels are useful if you want to be able to quickly switch between two or more different DPI values within the same profile. You can add up to 10 levels per profile, which will each have their own slider to set their value. They can be deleted individually with the X icon to the right of the slider, or re-arranged by clicking and dragging on the III icon.

Finally the default DPI value can be set with the checkbox to the left of the slider. Your chosen default DPI will be used when this profile is set as active on your mouse.

To move between DPI levels you will need to assign a Next DPI Level, or Previous DPI Level action to a button on this profile. To find these actions just search DPI in the action library.

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