Enabling mouse support on iPadOS 13

Enabling mouse support on iPadOS 13

From iPadOS 13.4 onward an improved cursor is available by default. So these steps should no longer be required.

In iPadOS 13 Apple has added a form of mouse support called AssistiveTouch. This new feature enables a mouse cursor in all iPad apps which you can control with any mouse in the Pen-grip range.

This feature is not enabled by default however, so in order to get your mouse working on your iPad after pairing over Bluetooth please follow the steps below.
This feature is separate from the mouse support offered by our Remote Desktop partners. So you do not need to enable it to use ProPoint in these apps.
  1. Open the Settings menu on your iPad and go to the Accessibility section.
  2. From there scroll down to the Physical and Motor section and select Touch.
  3. At the top of the Touch section you will see AssistiveTouch. Select this to access the menu where you can enable it, and adjust its settings.
The video below demonstrates the entire process of setting up a Pen-grip mouse with an iPad. From pairing over Bluetooth, to enabling AssistiveTouch, then customizing some of the available settings.. 

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