General GT Troubleshooting

General GT Troubleshooting

If your mouse is not working at all, please try the following steps in sequence:

1. Confirm your GTs battery is charged

To do this,  check for activity from the green LED on the top of your GT. It should flash at least once when you switch your GT on. However it it flashes constantly (even when you are not moving the mouse at all) this would indicate the battery is very low on charge.

So if it is flashing constantly, or not at all, please charge the mouse by docking it on the USB receiver (plugged into your computer's USB port).  Your computer will need to be turned on to charge the mouse.

If your mouse has battery charge or the mouse charging LED does not flash when your mouse is docked, please continue to Step 2.

2. Check if your GT has lost its connection to the USB receiver/Bluetooth

Switch your GT on and watch its green LED while you move it on your desk, or click its buttons.

If the LED flashes every time you interact with it, this indicates your mouse itself is functional, but cannot find its USB receiver or Bluetooth connection. In which case please proceed to step 3.

Any other response from the LED may indicate a problem with the mouse itself, or a partial connection. So if this is the case, please continue to Step 4.

3. Attempt to re-pair with your USB receiver 

To pair with the USB receiver:
  1. Ensure your USB receiver is attached to your computer
  2. Ensure that your mouse is switched to the OFF position
  3. Hold down all three (3) buttons on the mouse (front, rear and the stylus underneath) and move the switch from OFF to ON
  4. Release the buttons and hold the mouse close to the USB receiver - you should see the led flash several times to indicate pairing
If your GT does not connect to its USB receiver after performing these steps please continue to Step 4.

4. Perform a factory reset of your GT

To restore your GT to factory settings, and re-pair it with your USB receiver:
  1. Remove any Swiftpoint GT Bluetooth pairings to nearby computers or devices.
  2. Make sure your USB receiver is connected to your computer.
  3. Make sure your Swiftpoint GT is switched to OFF.
  4. While holding down the two top buttons (Front and Rear) switch the Swiftpoint GT from OFF to the ON position. Continue holding both buttons for a full 10 seconds, then release both buttons.
  5. Hold your Swiftpoint GT next to the USB receiver and roll the scroll wheel once every few seconds.
  6. The LED should give a short flash each time you move the scroll wheel. Then will give one slightly longer flash and stay off once the pairing is complete. (this should only take a few seconds)
If the reset procedure is unable to connect your GT to the USB receiver, please try it with another USB port, or continue to step 5.

5. Attempt to re-pair via Bluetooth

Since your GT seems to be unable to connect to its USB receiver, checking if it can pair over Bluetooth would confirm if there is a problem with your mouse itself, or just with the USB receiver.

Please just note that the GT requires Bluetooth 4.0 support. Almost all Bluetooth capable devices released in the last 5 years should support BT 4.0. But one notable exception to this is computers that are still running Windows 7. So if you use windows 7, try the steps below with another PC or your phone instead:
  1. Ensure that your USB receiver is NOT attached to your computer or device.
  2. Remove any existing Swiftpoint GT Bluetooth pairings. Both from the device you are trying to pair with, and any other nearby devices you have connected to previously.
  3. Set the Swiftpoint GT to the OFF position and access your computer or devices Bluetooth settings; ensuring that Bluetooth is enabled.
  4. Hold down the rear button on your Swiftpoint GT and move the switch to the ON position. Approximately 5-10 seconds later the green LED will begin flashing quickly indicating pairing mode.
  5. Select your Swiftpoint GT in the Bluetooth device list and pair the devices (In Windows 10 click "Add Bluetooth or other device" then select Bluetooth to view devices available for pairing)
If your GT can successfully pair over Bluetooth, but will still not connect to its USB receiver. There is likely a problem with the receiver itself. If your GT is still under warranty, please contact support to arrange a replacement. Otherwise replacement receivers are available for purchase separately here.

Alternately if your GT is also unable to pair over Bluetooth, please contact support.

6. Contact support

If you are still unable to connect with your GT after performing these procedures, please submit a ticket that we can assist to diagnose the issue further, or provide a warranty replacement where applicable.

Be sure to mention that you have completed these steps along with any details you may have noticed while doing so.    

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