How do I update my Pen-grip mouses firmware using iOS or Android?

How do I update my Pen-grip mouses firmware using iOS or Android?

If you have access to a macOS 10.13+ or Windows 10 PC with Bluetooth we recommend using the Swiftpoint Control Panel to perform firmware updates. 
As the Control Panel process is much simpler than using this method, especially if your mouse has already been updated to v1.05+.
Firmware updates can also now be performed via our iPad app.


  • ProPoint, TRACPOINT, PadPoint, PenPoint or GoPoint mouse.

  • iOS or Android device with Bluetooth 4.0 or above.


  1. Ensure your mouse is well charged by placing it on its charger for at least 5 minutes.
  2. Open this page on your iOS/Android device so you can easily download the necessary app and files directly.
  3. Install the nRF Toolbox app to your iOS/Android device using one of the links below.
    1. nRF Toolbox for iOS

    2. nRF Toolbox for Android

  4. Click the links below to download the firmware update files to your iOS/Android device. 

    1. Part 1 - (V1.36)

    2. Part 2 - (V1.36)

in Safari on iOS select More.. then Copy to nRF Toolbox for each firmware file.

Step One - nRF Toolbox Setup:

Now that you have the necessary app and files on your device we need to get the nRF Toolbox ready to upload the new firmware file to your mouse.
  1. Open the nRF Toolbox app and select DFU from the main menu.
  2. Now we need to select the firmware file to upload, how this is done will differ depending on the device you are using (see below for more details). But regardless of the device you are using select first and proceed to the next steps; we will come back to later.
On iOS these files can be found by selecting User Files at the bottom right of the screen, then Inbox.
Then once you have selected a file press Done at the top right of the screen.

On iPadOS open the Files app and long press on PGFW-Part-1 under recent, then select Share.
At the top of the menu that appears scroll across the apps to find and select Copy to nRF Toolbox.

On Android press Select File in nRF Toolbox  then use the following settings if prompted:
  1. File Type: Distribution packet (ZIP)
  2. Select Scope: All

Step Two - Putting your mouse into Firmware Update Mode:

Now all that's left to do is put your mouse into Firmware Update Mode so the nRF Toolbox can connect to it and upload the firmware file.

Refer to the instructional video or images below for the steps to do this.

If you have just uploaded to your mouse and the LED is remaining solid red. Then your mouse is already in firmware update mode and you can skip to step three. 
The demonstration and instructions below use ProPoint, but the process is the same for other current generation Pen-grip mice. The only slight difference is that since the other mice have just two buttons you will hold the front and rear buttons, instead of the front and center buttons.

Firmware Upgrade Mode Text Instructions with Diagrams

Step Three - Uploading the Firmware File:

  1. Once your mouse is in Firmware Upgrade Mode, and its LED is remaining solid red press Select Device in the nRF Toolbox app. 
  2. Your mouse will appear in the list as either Dfutarg, DfuG4 or P3Update.
If your mouse appears as P3Update you can now upload; otherwise you should now be uploading
  1. Press Upload.
  2. The upload should begin after a few seconds. The mouse LED will alternate between Red and Green while the firmware is uploading.
  3. nRF Toolbox will notify you when the upload is complete.

If you encounter a Dfu Version Characteristic Fail error during the upload. restart your iOS/Android device then attempt to upload this file again.

Step Four - After the Upload is Complete:

If you have just uploaded you will now need to upload to complete the update. 
To do this go back to Step One - nRF Toolbox Setup, and follow the same steps as before, but with the file.
Before doing this please switch Off your mouse, go to Settings and switch Bluetooth Off for a few seconds, then On again. 
After you have uploaded to your mouse the process in complete.

In most cases your mouse Bluetooth and USB pairings will have been maintained during the update. So to begin using it again just switch your mouse off, then back on again.

If you mouse does not reconnect over Bluetooth, or with its USB receiver remove any old Bluetooth pairings then recreate them with the normal pairing process.

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