I frequently need to reset my Zs tilt angles for my tilt outputs to work correctly.

I frequently need to reset my Zs tilt angles for my tilt outputs to work correctly.

This behavior from your tilt inputs can be caused by the auto-calibration system the Z uses.

This system is intended to ensure the Zs tilt levels do not drift over time, but there are certain use cases where it can make matters worse. So if this is happening to you, we recommend the following steps to get the most stable and reliable performance from your tilt functions.
  1. Disable the "Tilt Auto Zeroing" option in the profile settings screen.
  2. Manually re-zero your tilt angles with the Z flat on your desk when you start playing; and maybe between some matches if you are doing an especially long session. By default this can be done by pulling the right trigger. But if you have removed this mapping you can create your own using a "Reset Angles" output.
Additionally, the following suggestions may also help to provide a better experience with tilt.
  1. Set your tilt mappings angle to ~1.5-1.7° rather than the default 1.2° to reduce the chance of accidental activation.
  2. If you are using tilt to hold down a key and it is releasing before you want it to. Slightly increase the "noise value" setting on your tilts (e.g from 0.5 to 1.0°).

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