GT Mouse Buttons Troubleshooting

GT Mouse Buttons Troubleshooting

If you are able to move the cursor with your GT but either the front or rear mouse buttons are not responding, please try the steps below.

1. Check if there is a physical fault with the button switch

As the GT responds differently when it is turned on depending on what buttons are held down. You can test if your GTs buttons are physically functional by switching your GT off and on again with different buttons held down and checking how it responds.

For reference how the LED should respond is as follows:

If no buttons are held down when the GT is switched on the LED will either:
  1. Flash once quickly, then remain on for five seconds if it automatically connects to the USB receiver.
  2. Flash three times rapidly, then remain on for five seconds if it automatically connects via Bluetooth.
  3. If neither the USB receiver or a Bluetooth connection is available when switched on, the LED will flash once, then remain off; unless a button is pressed or the mouse is moved, where it will flash three times rapidly.
If either left or right mouse button is held down the LED should flash in a consistent pattern of two quick flashes followed by a pause (indicating Bluetooth pairing mode). 

If both buttons are held down the LED should behave the same as when only one is held down. However if you continue to hold both buttons after a few seconds the pattern will change to rapid flashing for a few seconds (indicating a factory reset). 

By testing these three scenarios, you should be able to confirm if either a button is stuck down (you get the response for one button being held down when you are not holding any), or if a button is not working at all.

However if the LED is responding as expected in all three cases the buttons themselves must be okay. But something else could be interfering with them. 

2. Check the stylus is properly installed, and not stuck down

If the GTs stylus is stuck down it can prevent the left or right mouse buttons from working in their normal manner. 

So please try temporarily removing your GTs stylus to see if your buttons start working again. You can view a demonstration of how it can be removed and installed here.

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