My mouse stops working after launching the X1 Control Panel

My mouse stops working after launching the X1 Control Panel

If your mouse stops responding to mouse movement and button presses when it connects to the X1 Control Panel there may be a problem with the config file that the Control Panel is uploading to your mouse.

To check if this could be the case first fully exit the X1 Control Panel, then unplug and reconnect your mouse. If it starts working then the problem is with the settings being loaded by the Control Panel.

So to address the issue you can either perform a Clear and Reset of the settings in the Control Panel via the cog menu, as shown below.

Or if you don't have another mouse to do this, you can delete the config file directly while the Control Panel is not running. The file that needs to be removed is autosave.spcf which can be found in the directory below.

C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Swiftpoint X1 Control Panel

When you move or delete this then relaunch the Control Panel it will reload the default settings and your mouse should work with it again.

These problems with the config file being corrupted could occur with old versions of the Control Panel, but should be addressed in the current version. So if this problem did occur with the latest version please submit a ticket including the log.txt file which is contained in the same directory as the config file mentioned above.

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