GT Optical Sensor Troubleshooting

GT Optical Sensor Troubleshooting

If your mouse buttons and scroll-wheel are working, but you are unable to move the cursor, or the cursor is not working correctly; please try the steps below.

1. Check sensor for obstructions and clean sensor

The first thing to check with any mouse movement related issue is that nothing is obstructing the optical sensor. 

The sensor is located next to the stylus, as shown in the image below. Any hair or dust build up on or around this could cause poor cursor performance, such as drifting or stuttering. More significant obstructions could temporarily stop it functioning at all.

So if you can see any signs of build up on the clear plastic part of the sensor gently wipe it down with a slightly damp q-tip, or corner of a microfiber cloth.

2. Check the stylus is properly installed, and not stuck down

The stylus can effect cursor tracking in one of two ways. 

Firstly if it is loose it can slightly drag along the surface of your mouse mat; even when you are not tilting. Each time it activates while doing this your cursor will stop moving, and instead a scroll or gesture command will be sent.

The other possibility is if the stylus has been jammed down completely. If this happens you will not be able to move the cursor at all, left click will still work but right click will only be able to trigger gesture commands, not open context menus etc.

In either case the solution is to remove you GT's stylus, check for any problems in its recess; then reinstall it. You can view a demonstration of how the stylus can easily be removed and reinstalled using a paper clip here‚Äč.

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