P3 Control Panel - Desktop Presenter

P3 Control Panel - Desktop Presenter

When using any of our pen-grip mice or ErgoPoint with the Swiftpoint P3 Control Panel on Windows you will have access to the "Desktop Presenter" tools. This is a set of tools that enhance your ability to perform presentations using your PC; either in person or remotely via screen-sharing apps like Zoom or Teams.

Enabling the Desktop Presenter Toolbar

By default whenever you launch any of the presentation apps listed below the Desktop Presenter toolbar will appear on the side of your screen.
  1. Microsoft Teams
  2. Zoom
  3. PowerPoint
  4. Google Slides
  5. Skype
  6. GoToMeeting
  7. Webex
  8. Meet
But if you wish to use it with another app you can also launch it manually. Either via the right-click menu on the Control Panels system tray icon.

Or by opening the Control Panel and enabling it under "Presenter > Desktop Presenter".

If you would prefer the Desktop Presenter not to open automatically, this feature can be disabled for specific apps or entirely from this screen as well.

Toolbar Overview

Header : Click and drag here to reposition the toolbar.

Pointer : Disables current presentation tool and switches back to your regular cursor (shortcut: 'Esc' key).

SpotPoint : Dims the entire screen except the area around your cursor. Size and dim level can be adjusted.

Laser Pointer : Shows red dot at your cursor so it's easier for viewers to see. Size, thickness, and color can be adjusted; including turning it into a circle around the cursor instead of a dot.

Highlighter : When enabled left click and drag to draw or write notes anywhere on the screen. Hold right click and drag to erase lines. Size, color, and transparency can be adjusted.  

Text : Type to create a text note next to your cursor. Left Click to place it on the screen.  

Magnifier : Magnifies the area around your cursor. Size of area magnified and level of magnification can be adjusted.

Eraser : When enabled left click and drag to erase drawings made with the Highlighter, or notes created with the Text tool.  

Clear All : Erases all drawings made with the Highlighter, or notes created with the Text tool.  

Save Screenshot : Saves a screenshot including all drawings made with the Highlighter, and notes created with the Text tool.

Tool Settings : Opens the Presenter Tool settings in the Control Panel.

Close Toolbar : Closes the Desktop Presenter Toolbar.

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