Pen-grip mouse Factory Reset

Pen-grip mouse Factory Reset

If you are having problems with the connection to your mouse, or connecting to your mouse at all; a factory reset may help get you up and running again.

The steps to perform a factory reset are as follows:
  1. Set the switch on the base of your mouse to OFF.
  2. Hold down just the front two mouse buttons (not the rear button if you have a ProPoint).
  3. While still holding the two buttons set the switch to ON.
  4. Continue holding both mouse buttons for 10 seconds, the LED will flash orange intermittently then light up red at 10 seconds.
  5. Once the LED is remaining red release both buttons to complete the reset.
This reset will also clear any pairings both over Bluetooth, and with the USB receiver.
  1. To resume using your mouse over Bluetooth you will need to create a new pairing with the normal pairing procedure. But we would recommend also removing any old Bluetooth pairings from the devices you have connected your mouse to previously. Since they will no longer be valid and may cause confusion if they are left in your Bluetooth device lists.
  2. If you are using a USB receiver just hold your mouse close to it and roll the scroll wheel every few seconds. The LED should light up green in a few seconds to indicate it has been re-paired.

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