Classic Grip Factory Reset Procedure - For Z/Z2, Tracer & Creator

Classic Grip Factory Reset Procedure - For Z/Z2, Tracer & Creator

A factory reset will clear the mouses firmware settings to default, including any custom profiles that have been saved to its flash. It is a good troubleshooting step for most hardware issues.
Note: If the X1 Control Panel is running when you do this, your custom settings will be loaded back onto your mouse immediately. So if you want to test with the default settings exit the X1 Control Panel before performing the reset.

To perform a factory reset follow the steps below:
  1. Unplug your mouse.
  2. Hold down the main left and right mouse buttons.
  3. Plug your mouse back in while continuing to hold both mouse buttons.
  4. Keep holding both mouse buttons for 10 seconds, over this time the mouse will:
    1. Z/Z2 - Display a countdown on the OLED screen, along with the mouse vibrating, and the logo backlight flashing red.
    2. Tracer - Flash its logo backlight red.
    3. Creator - Give several short vibrations, then one long vibration.
  5. Release both buttons after 10 seconds to complete the reset. If the mouse does not respond immediately, unplug and reconnect it.

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