The grip pads are coming loose on my mouse

The grip pads are coming loose on my mouse

The grips pads on our classic-grip mice are intended to be user replaceable so only use a light adhesive. This should hold them securely in place during normal use, while also allowing them to be peeled off for replacement without damaging the mouse.

If a grip is coming loose we recommend removing the grip completely and cleaning off any adhesive residue using Isopropyl alcohol. As the grip will likely get worse over time. Potentially spreading adhesive residue around the surface of the mouse, making it more difficult to clean the longer it is left.

Afterwards there are a few options for replacing the grip:
  • Sets of replacement grips are available on our website here. If you wanted to affix them permanently you could add something stronger (e.g. super-glue).
  • If your existing grips are still in good condition (other than the adhesive) they could be re-attached using new adhesive.
  • New custom grips can be made relatively easily using grip tape. Just use your existing grip as a template to cut it to shape.

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