Profile names are no longer displayed on OLED while changing profiles.

Profile names are no longer displayed on OLED while changing profiles.

By default the Global profile has an OLED Flash output setup to display the current profile whenever a profile switch occurs. Since its set in the Global profile it will automatically apply to all other profiles as well; unless it's overridden.

Below is where you can find the default mapping which displays the Profile name on profile change.

Whenever you create a new profile, it's settings on this "Settings" screen will be blank, meaning the settings from Global Defaults are applied.

However, if you add any settings which activate on profile change to this profile such as DPI or RGB logo color (either via expert or simple mode). Then all of the settings in this section that were being inherited from the Global Profile are overridden at once. So the profile name display will stop working on this profile.

Fortunately this easy to resolve, you just need to add the same OLED flash output which is on Global to the profile you have overridden the setting on. This can be done with the "+ Add output action" button at the bottom of this screen.

Just add an output action, then select the "OLED Screen & Logo Backlight " output type. Select OLED from the first drop-down menu, then Flash, and Current Profile for the next two.

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