Swiftpoint X1 Control Panel UI - Side Panel

Swiftpoint X1 Control Panel UI - Side Panel

In the side panel you can access the main menu via the cog icon. Links to helpful information like this page via the info icon. And mouse memory usage via the mouse icon.

Save Mappings to Permanent Flash Memory in Mouse

By default the profiles you create in the Control Panel are only loaded into the RAM on your mouse. This means that they are cleared from your mouse when it looses power.
So this option saves all of your profiles to the flash memory on your mouse instead. Which allows them to be used on devices that do not have access to the Control Panel.
It's not currently possible to read profiles saved to the mouses flash memory back into the Control Panel.

Clear and Reset Settings in Driver and Mouse:

This option will both clear any settings you have previously saved to the flash memory of your mouse and remove all profiles from the Control Panel. Leaving you with only default Desktop Profile.

Check for New Updates

The Driver will automatically check for updates when it launches, or once every 24 hours while running. But if a driver update is released and your driver is not prompting you to upgrade yet you can use this option to force a check for a new version. If a new software or firmware version has already been detected, this will be display below the other options in this menu.


Contains links to the change-log, user guides like this in our knowledge base. You can also enable/disable the dynamic hints which are displayed just beneath the profiles panel..

Mouse Info

Mouse Memory Usage

This gauge shows how much of your mouse's on-board memory your current profiles are using. If this passes 100% you will need to delete some profiles or mappings before you can save your settings to your mouse.
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