The battery in my Pen-grip mouse is not lasting as long as expected.

The battery in my Pen-grip mouse is not lasting as long as expected.

Expected Battery Life.

A full charge of any mouse in the Pen Grip range should take approximately 90 minutes from low change, and once fully charged the battery should last from one week, up to several weeks; depending on your use case.

So if your mouse is suddenly disconnecting long before this expected battery life, please follow the troubleshooting steps below which will help you get the best battery performance from your mouse.

Determining if the issue is due to a low battery.

First we need to check if the issue you have been encountering is due to a battery problem, or some other issue. 

When your mouse disconnects seemingly due to a low battery, check if you are you able to get any response from the LED on your mouse before you place it back on the USB charger. For example when you toggle power will the LED flash green, then orange briefly? Or if you put your mouse into Bluetooth pairing mode (by holding down the front button briefly as you switch it on), will the LED flash orange repeatedly?

If you are still able to get these responses from the LED this issue may not be with the battery. But rather a connectivity issue either over Bluetooth or with the USB receiver. If this is the case make sure you have the latest firmware installed on your mouse.

However, if you cannot get any response from the LED after your mouse disconnects. The battery definitely is fully drained, so the next thing we need to check is if it is charging correctly.

Check if your mouse is charging correctly.

While placed on a USB charger, the LED on your mouse should respond as follows:
  1. The LED will flash rapidly for 30 seconds when it is first placed on the receiver. 
  2. After this the flashing will continue, but at a slower rate for up to 90 minutes. 
  3. Once the battery is fully charged, the LED will switch off. 
If the LED is not flashing at all, check the contact points on the bottom of your mouse and on the USB charger for any obstructions which could prevent contact.

Or if your mouse seems to be charging correctly, check your battery percentage.

Monitor your mouses battery percentage

Check your battery level after performing a full charge. It may not quite be 100% as this is just an approximate value, but it should be close to it.

After this monitor how much your ProPoints battery percentage drops each day, and over night. If it is dropping significantly while your mouse is not in use, it may help to switch your mouse off when you leave it idle for long periods.

If after working through these steps the battery is still not performing as expected submit a ticket with us including any details you found while troubleshooting.

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