The cursor for my 300 series mouse is moving in the wrong direction.

The cursor for my 300 series mouse is moving in the wrong direction.

This article only applies to red and black 300 series mice. Not any of our current pen-grip mice. If you believe you are having this problem with another model, then please submit a ticket so we can diagnose the issue.

If your cursor is moving at an odd angle, or in entirely the wrong direction, its 'up direction' may have been accidentally re-configured.

You can set this direction back to the factory default by resetting your mouse with the procedure below.
  1. Insert the USB receiver into your computer.
  2. Holding down both buttons, repeatedly turn the scroll wheel until both LED lights turn on (this may take up to 15 seconds)
  3. Let go of the buttons and hold the mouse close to the USB receiver. The lights will turn off when the mouse has "paired" with the receiver.
  4. Try using the mouse (you may need to click the button to start it). 
You can find a video demonstration of this procedure here.

Or if you wish you can set your own preferred up direction by following these steps:
  1. Hold the mouse at a comfortable angle.
  2. Press and hold down both mouse buttons.
  3. After 2, to 5 seconds the mouse pointer will position itself at the bottom of the screen and move upwards.
  4. Release the buttons and move the mouse pointer in a straight line upward until the pointer moves in a small circle. The new up direction will now be set.

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