What is the Classic-grip Range?

What is the Classic-grip Range?


The Classic-grip range is all about maximizing your efficiency and productivity. This article highlights some of their key features and covers all the differences between the three models, Swiftpoint Z, Tracer, and Creator.


The features that come with all Classic-grip range mice include:
  1. Unique button placement which gives lightning fast access to 13 buttons action without shifting your grip.
  2. Main buttons are flat relative to the desk surface for ‘nudge reduction’ and higher precision.
  3. Force sensors on left click and the left fingertip button allow you to trigger actions depending on how hard you press. 
  4. Pro-gaming grade optical sensor Pixart PWM3360. 12,000 DPI, 50G.
  5. Interchangeable caps for Triggers and Fingertip buttons to suit your grip.
  6. Configuration software that comes with pre-configured profiles for popular applications within their intended use-case.
  7. Pre-configured profiles include "Action Libraries" with all shortcuts for that application. So if you want to customize them you can directly select the action you want, rather than having to find the shortcut keys for it.
  8. Pre-configured profiles are also linked to the application they are used for. So they will be automatically activated on your mouse as soon as you start using that application.
  9. Advanced configuration options provided by "Expert Mode" in the X1 Control Panel.
  10. Custom profiles can be created for any application, and linked to it so they will also switch automatically.
  11. Link your custom profiles to their intended application and our software will automatically switch to that profile when the application is in use.
  12. Braided cable.
Each model also has a different set of features which make it ideal for specific users. Check below for a brief summary of what each mouse brings to the table.


Swiftpoint Z

Swiftpoint Z is the flagship mouse in the Classic-grip range, so includes all of the hardware and software features of the other mice in the range, along with the following exclusive extras.
  1. Deep click is enabled not just on the two main left mouse buttons, but also the two main right mouse buttons and middle mouse button.
  2. OLED display on the side of the mouse which can display info on the current status of your mouse such as tilt angles, deep click force values, DPI, or current profile. It can also be set to display custom messages based on profile, or via macros.
  3. Built in gyroscope enables tilt and pivot inputs, either for analog control in games or to combine with button inputs to create an unprecedented number of possible inputs.
  4. Joystick extender accessory allows full access to tilt functions while your mouse is resting on your desk, emulating a joystick.


Tracer is focused purely on gaming , so includes pre-configured profiles and action libraries for many popular games including:
  1. Apex: Legends
  2. Borderlands 3
  3. COD Modern Warfare
  4. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  5. Cyberpunk 2077
  6. Destiny 2
  7. Dota 2
  8. Final Fantasy XIV
  9. Fortnite
  10. League of Legends
  11. Overwatch
  13. Team Fortress 2
  14. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege
  15. World of Warcraft
  16. Valorant
Tracer also includes Customizable RGB lighting.


For creative professionals, so includes pre-configured profiles and action libraries for design applications, including:
  1. Adobe Illustrator
  2. Adobe InDesign
  3. Adobe PhotoShop
  4. Adobe Premiere Pro
  5. Adobe XD
  6. Affinity Designer
  7. Affinity Photo
  8. Affinity Publisher
  9. Blender
  10. Canva
  11. Creo Parametric
  12. CorelDraw
  13. DaVinci Resolve
  14. GIMP
  15. Inkscape
  16. Logic Pro
  17. Solidworks
Creator also i ncludes haptic feedback which enables greater precision with deep click and gestures by letting you feel exactly when each action activates.

Feature Summary Table

Feature \ Model
Swiftpoint Z2
Number of fully programmable Buttons
Number of Buttons with "Deep Click"
(Left, Right and Middle Click, plus both fingertip buttons)
(Left Click, and Left fingertip button)
(Left Click, and Left fingertip button)
Optical Sensor DPI
  50 - 26,000 DPI
100 - 12,000 DPI
100 - 12,000 DPI
Braided Cable

Ergonomic design with adjustable button caps

"Expert Mode" Advanced configuration

Customizable RGB logo

Haptic Feedback (vibration)

OLED Screen

Gyroscope for Tilt, and Pivot Features (+ related accessories)

Gaming Profiles & Action Libraries

Design Profiles & Action Libraries

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