What is the difference between ProPoint and Swiftpoint GT?

What is the difference between ProPoint and Swiftpoint GT?

Both the Swiftpoint GT and ProPoint use the same ergonomic Pen-Grip shape, so they look very similar at first glance. 

The GT is our second generation Pen-Grip mouse, and ProPoint is the third. So ProPoint inherits many features from the GT, while adding several new features and improvements.


One of the most significant hardware updates ProPoint makes from the GT is the change from a Stylus to a Gyroscope for gesture functions. The Gyroscope not only enables gestures just like the GT, but it also allows the ProPoint to be used "in-air" as a presentation device. 

Mouse buttons: 

The biggest visible difference between the two models is the addition of a third dedicated mouse button on the ProPoint. This new button serves as the "middle mouse" button by default, but if you don't require the "middle mouse" function, it can also be configured to perform other actions.

Optical Sensor:

The GT has a 1250 DPI sensor, while the ProPoints is 1800 DPI. This increase in DPI improves overall accuracy, and ProPoints updated optical sensor also tracks on many surfaces that the GTs had trouble with.


Both the GT and ProPoint support Bluetooth, and their included USB receiver. However unlike the GT, ProPoint is able to pair with multiple Bluetooth devices (up to three). Which makes it much easier to switch between devices on the ProPoint.


The GT has a cross-platform configuration utility, along with dedicated Mac configuration software. ProPoint has dedicated Control Panel software for both Windows and MacOS, and provides many options not available to the GT.

ProPoints Control Panel software will also be receiving ongoing updates. Which will add new features and improvements further to the current upgrades from the GT.

Along with ProPoint we are introducing several other models in our Pen-grip range. You can find more details on the differences between these models here.

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