What is the difference between ProPoint and TRACPOINT?

What is the difference between ProPoint and TRACPOINT?

ProPoint and TRACPOINT are part of our third generation Pen Grip range. So they both feature the same portable and ergonomic pen-grip design, but they differ in terms of features.

ProPoint is our flagship pen-grip mouse, while TRACPOINT is designed to provide great features and value specifically for travelers. So ProPoint is the more expensive model, but includes features not available to TRACPOINT. 

Features included with both ProPoint and TRACPOINT:
  1. Ultra portable ergonomic pen-grip design.
  2. Two devices in one. Both a wireless mouse and presenter.
  3. New "Spotlight" presentation features.
  4. Customizable gesture functions with the "Swiftpoint Control Panel" for Mac and Windows.
  5. Up to two weeks battery life of a full charge.
  6. Rapid charge for over an hour of use from a 60 second charge.
  7. Bundled USB Charger.
  8. Bundled Travel Case.
The features currently exclusive to ProPoint include:
  1. Third mouse button which can be customized, and enables additional gestures.
  2. iOS remote desktop app support.
  3. Bundled Well-being software.
  4. ProPoints bundled USB charger is also a receiver, enabling its use with devices that do not support Bluetooth 4.0.

Along with TRACPOINT we are introducing several other models in our Pen-grip range. You can find more details on the differences between these models here.

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