X1 Control Panel Clean Install

X1 Control Panel Clean Install

If the X1 Control Panel is not loading correctly, or your mouse is going into an unusable state when it does load. Then there may be a problem with its configuration files.
To resolve this use the steps below to perform a clean install of the X1 Control Panel.

  1. Uninstall the Swiftpoint X1 Control Panel.
    • Windows: Via "Settings > Apps & Features" or the "Control Panel > Uninstall a Program".
    • macOS: Drag it from your Applications folder to the Bin .
  2. Delete the entire 'Swiftpoint X1 Control Panel' folder found in
    • Windows: C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\
    • macOS: Macintosh HD > Users > USERNAME > Library > Preferences
  3. A backup of your current configuration can be found in the following directory. This will be loaded automatically if no other config is present, so it should be moved to ensure the default settings are loaded when you reinstall.
    • Windows: C:\Users\ %USERNAME% \Documents\Swiftpoint X1 Settings\ AutoBackup.spcf
    • macOS: Documents\Swiftpoint X1 Settings\ AutoBackup.spcf
  4. Download the latest version here , and reinstall it.
  5. Launch the Control Panel again and check that it is working correctly.

If everything is now working you can try re-importing your profiles from the AutoBackup.spcf file you moved earlier, or your own backup. If the problem returns after re-importing your profiles, exit the Control Panel then repeat steps 2, 3, and 5 above to get back to the default settings.

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