X1 Control Panel Crashes when importing profiles from Swiftpoint Driver

X1 Control Panel Crashes when importing profiles from Swiftpoint Driver

We've seen a few cases where problems importing profiles occurred due to partial corruption of profiles in the Swiftpoint Driver.

Within the Swiftpoint driver this corruption presented as settings missing from the "<PROFILE> Settings" page. For example in the image below the "Maximum Polling Rate" setting is missing.

The Swiftpoint driver was still able to function with profiles corrupted like this, but the X1 Control Panel will not be able to load them while they are in this state. So if any of your profiles are missing settings like this in the Swiftpoint Driver you can correct the issue by removing all the settings on that page, then recreating them before making a new export (Use the -REMOVE, then +ADD buttons at the bottom of the page to do this).

If you don't have the Swiftpoint Driver installed at all anymore you can download it here to recover your profiles. Once you've successfully transferred your profiles across we recommend uninstalling the Swiftpoint Driver. As running it at the same time as the X1 Control Panel will cause issues.

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