Do Pen-grip mice work on iOS (iPad/iPhone)?

Do Pen-grip mice work on iOS (iPad/iPhone)?

Supported Devices/Features

All of the current Pen-grip range can be used on iOS devices. However which features are supported varies based on mouse model and iOS version.
  1. ProPoint, PadPoint and the Swiftpoint GT can be used across all apps with iOS 13 and above, and feature enhanced support for our partnered remote desktop apps.
    1. In earlier versions of iOS they can still be used, but ONLY within our partnered remote desktop apps.
  2. Only ProPoint and PadPoint are compatible with our iPadOS app.
  3. TRACPOINT, PenPoint and GoPoint can only be used on iPads/iPhones with iOS 13 or above, and do not feature enhanced remote desktop support or support for our iPad app.
In order to pair with a pen-grip mouse your iPad/iPhone must have Bluetooth 4.0+ support; this includes all iPads and iPhones released after 2011.

iOS Remote Desktop Apps

These apps allow you to remotely connect to a PC or Mac from an iOS device. Then use your ProPoint/PadPoint/GT within the remote desktop session.

The iOS remote desktop apps that currently support the ProPoint, PadPoint and GT are as follows:
The ProPoint, PadPoint and GT are also supported by the 3D polygon modeling app PolyDust.

Connecting your mouse to an Ipad/iPhone

To use your pen-grip mouse with an iPad or iPhone, you first need to pair it with your iPad over Bluetooth. The process to do this can be found in the links below.

On iPadOS 13.4 and above mouse support is enabled by default. But in versions between 13.0 and 13.4 it must be enabled manually. Check here for more info on how to enable this feature.

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