GT Gesture Troubleshooting

GT Gesture Troubleshooting

If your mouse buttons, scroll-wheel and cursor are working correctly but but you are unable to gesture scroll, or use back button gestures. Please follow the steps below. 

1. Check stylus is installed correctly, and not damaged 

The GT uses a stylus next to its optical sensor for its gesture functionality. So if you are having trouble with gestures the first thing to check is that there is no problem with the stylus, or its enclosure.

When installed correctly the stylus should have a slight spring to it when you press down on it with your finger. If it doesn't bounce back into place something could be obstructing it.

To check for this please try removing and reinstalling the stylus as demonstrated here. While the stylus is removed just ensure that nothing is stuck in its enclosure which could cause it to jam.

2. Check configuration settings

The next thing to check is that gestures have not been disabled in the GT settings.
For iPad/iPhone users gesture functionality may depend on the app you are using rather than the settings below. So we would recommend proceeding to step 3 (Factory reset), then checking the mouse settings in your chosen remote desktop app.

The GT's basic settings can be accessed via the Cloud Config Page, on Windows, Mac, or Linux. Just follow the on screen prompts to access the configuration menu.

From there the settings you will want to check to make sure gestures are enabled are as follows.
  1. Assign Actions to Stylus > Single Tap: Touch Gestures
  2. Assign actions for Rear button + Stylus: You can set each direction to whichever function you like, but the defaults are as follows.
    1. Up - Zoom In
    2. Down - Zoom Out
    3. Left - [Windows] Task View
    4. Right - App Switching
  3. Edge Gestures (Enable / Disable): ON (If you are using the Swiftpoint Manager on macOS, this should be turned OFF instead)

3. Factory reset

If all else fails try performing a factory reset of your GT with the steps below.
  1. Remove any Swiftpoint GT Bluetooth pairings to nearby computers or devices.
  2. Make sure your USB receiver is connected to your computer.
  3. Make sure your Swiftpoint GT is switched to OFF.
  4. While holding down the two top buttons (Front and Rear) switch the Swiftpoint GT from OFF to the ON position. Continue holding both buttons for a full 10 seconds, then release both buttons.
  5. Hold your Swiftpoint GT next to the USB receiver and roll the scroll wheel once every few seconds.
  6. The LED should give a short flash each time you move the scroll wheel. Then will give one slightly longer flash and stay off once the pairing is complete. (this should only take a few seconds)
If you are on macOS and using the Swiftpoint Manager you may need to disable Edge Gestures again as mentioned in step 2 above. As they can interfere with the Back Button Gestures used in the Swiftpoint Manager.

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