How do I pair my Pen-grip mouse with a USB receiver?

How do I pair my Pen-grip mouse with a USB receiver?

To pair your Pen-grip mouse to a new USB receiver please follow the steps below:
Only USB charger/receivers can be paired with. If you have a USB charger with orange Swiftpoint branding (as included with TRACPOINT, PadPoint, PenPoint and GoPoint) then you will need to pair over Bluetooth.
  1. Ensure your USB receiver is attached to your computer.
  2. Move the switch on the underside of the mouse to OFF.
  3. While holding down front button, move the switch to ON.
  4. Continue holding the front button until the LED changes from orange to green.
  5. Release the front button and hold the mouse close to the USB receiver. The LED will light up green for a few seconds, once the green light is off, the pairing is complete.

ProPoint is used for the demonstration, but the process applies to all current generation Pen-grip mice.
If you have a previous generation mouse, please refer to the articles below for pairing instructions.

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