How do I update my Pen-grip mouses firmware?

How do I update my Pen-grip mouses firmware?

Keeping your mouses firmware up to date will give you access to the latest features and improvements. 

If this is your first time updating the firmware on your mouse the process may not be fully streamlined, but once this initial update is complete the process for future updates will be much simpler.

Firmware updates can be performed with the Control Panel on a macOS or Windows 10 PC that has Bluetooth 4.0 support. We also recommend you have a spare mouse or trackpad on hand as your mouse will be disabled during part of the update process.

On Windows 10 if a firmware upgrade is available a button will appear at the bottom right corner of the Control Panel Window. All the necessary instructions will be provided during the update process.

If the Upgrade Firmware button is disabled, unplug your USB receiver and pair over Bluetooth

For macOS if your mouse is connected over Bluetooth you will be notified automatically if the Control Panel has a newer firmware version than your mouse is using.  

If you do not have access to a Windows 10 or macOS PC with Bluetooth support it is also possible to perform the update using an Android or iOS device with Bluetooth support. Instructions for this process can be found here.

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