Swiftpoint P3 Control Panel Download (For ProPoint, SurfacePoint, TracPoint, PadPoint, PenPoint & GoPoint)

Swiftpoint P3 Control Panel Download (For ProPoint, SurfacePoint, TracPoint, PadPoint, PenPoint & GoPoint)

The Swiftpoint P3 Control Panel supports our current generation pen-grip mice including the following models:
  1. ProPoint
  2. SurfacePoint
  3. TracPoint
  4. PadPoint
  5. PenPoint
  6. GoPoint

P3 Control Panel Downloads

Windows 10: P3 Control Panel V3.6.2.0 Download

You can find details on what's new in the latest versions here.

Windows 8/8.1 users can download a compatible version here.



Download Swiftpoint Control Panel for macOS

The Swiftpoint Control Panel for macOS is supported on 10.14 (Catalina) and above.

The previous generation Swiftpoint GT's software is available here; and our original 300 series mice do not have or require any software/drivers on any system.

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