How do I pair with my Pen-grip mouse over Bluetooth?

How do I pair with my Pen-grip mouse over Bluetooth?

The pairing process for the Swiftpoint GT is mostly the same as below, but not all of the details apply. So please refer here instead for pairing instructions if you have a GT.

To pair your pen-grip mouse mouse to a device over Bluetooth please follow the steps or videos below.
  1. Go to Bluetooth device menu in your system settings.
    • Windows: Settings > Devices > Add Bluetooth Device.
    • MacOS/iOS: System Preferences > Bluetooth.
    • iOS/Android: Settings > Bluetooth.
  2. Ensure Bluetooth is switched on on your device.
  3. Remove any old inactive pairings with your mouse from the Bluetooth device list.
  4. While holding down the front button, move the switch on the underside of the mouse from OFF to ON (Making sure not to stop on PRESENT).
  5. Release the front button once the LED starts to flash orange.
  6. If you hold the front button for more than 5 seconds, the mouse will change to USB Receiver pairing mode and flash green.
  7. When your Mouse appears in the list of searched devices, click on its name to pair. The LED will light up green for a few seconds when the pairing is complete.
  8. If you encounter a problem, cycle the On/Off switch and try again.
Pen-grip mice can store up to 3 Bluetooth pairings in memory. When you create a new pairing the two most recently used connections will also be maintained.

Windows Bluetooth Pairing Demonstration

macOS Bluetooth Pairing Demonstration

ProPoint is used for the demonstrations, but this applies to all current generation Pen-grip mice.