Classic Grip Quick Start Guide

Classic Grip Quick Start Guide

When you first take your Classic-grip Range mouse out of its box you can plug it straight in and it will work as a standard mouse. But to get the most out of it there are a few extra steps you should follow.

Hardware Setup

Firstly, your mouse will come with two sets of caps for the trigger and fingertip buttons. Some of these may already be installed on your mouse but we recommend trying out the different options to see what works best for you.

Trigger Button Caps

The trigger buttons are on the top of your mouse, and should be activated without moving your fingers off the two main mouse buttons by slightly straightening your index or middle finger.

Both triggers also have a secondary click which can be activated by curling your finger back to pull the trigger towards your palm. 

To account for different grips and hand sizes the caps on the trigger buttons come in two thicknesses, and can be rotated to adjust where the peak of the button makes contact with your fingers.
You'll want to choose the button caps and orientation which allow you to activate the triggers with minimal movement of your fingers; without causing accidental activation.

Fingertip button Caps

The fingertip buttons sit to the rear of the two main mouse buttons, so are activated by slightly shifting your fingertips back towards the triggers.

Like the triggers they also come with two types of caps; long and short. You should select the caps that require minimal movement from your fingers to reach, while not getting in the way when you are using the main left and right clicks. In some cases you may want to use a long cap under your middle finger and a short one for your ring finger.

Short fingertip caps can be rotated to position the raised edge to the front or rear. Or for even further adjustment, slide the caps forward or backward in the slot.

Adjustable Mouse Feet (Swiftpoint Z Only)

The Z can be tilted to one side or the other, and senses how far you have tilted. Adjustable feet let you control how easy or hard it is to tilt, and the size of the tilt angle. 

These adjustable feet are held in place by magnets. Looking at the underside of The Z, the left foot can be lifted out using the tab at the top, near the edge of the mouse. The right foot can be lifted out using the tab in the middle, on the edge of the mouse. The tilt feet can be positioned towards the outer edges of the mouse (a position suitable for most people getting used to using the tilt features of The Z) or towards the middle of the mouse, providing greater sensitivity. An extra set of "lockout" feet are also included and can be fitted to prevent The Z from tilting altogether.

FlightStick Extender (Swiftpoint Z only)

The FlightStick Extender is used when you want to use your Z solely as a joystick. It disables mouse movement but is great for flying or driving, providing analog pitch, roll and yaw control.
To use it simply hover the mouse over it to magnetically attach. It can easily be removed by pushing off with your right thumb. It is designed to be attached on top of the other base feet. So these don’t need to be removed when attaching or detaching the FlightStick Extender.

Software Setup

Your mouse will be functional as soon as you plug it in, but to configure its settings and access its advanced functionality you will need to install our Driver/Control Panel software. This is available for Windows 7+ and macOS 10.12+ from this article.

Once installed you can find our introduction to the X1 Control Panel here.
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