Introduction to the Swiftpoint X1 Control Panel

Introduction to the Swiftpoint X1 Control Panel


The X1 Control Panel provides an easy to use interface for configuring mice in our Classic-grip Range. Including the Swiftpoint Z, TRACER and Creator.

If you do not already have it installed, it is available for macOS 10.12+ and Windows 7+ from this article .

Basic Overview Video

This video covers the major points of the following article.

If you have any further questions after watching it, check below for more details, and links to articles on further topics.

Initial Setup

The X1 Control Panel is designed to require as little setup as possible. So once it launches any supported games installed on your PC will be detected automatically, and pre-configured profiles will be loaded and displayed along the top of the window. Simply click on their icons to see what each of their buttons are configured to do. You can then jump straight into any one of the detected games and its profile will be automatically activated while your are playing.

Users of the Swiftpoint Z may be prompted to complete a firmware update and calibrate their gyroscope the first time they launch the Swiftpoint X1 Control Panel. We recommend you perform both before proceeding.

If you have one of the supported games installed, but it is not detected automatically. You can add its profile manually via the Manage Profiles button at the top right of the window .

UI Overview

The UI is split into three sections, the profile panel, side panel, and main pane.

Profile Panel

The Profile Panel allows you to:
  1. Switch "Active Profile" between Manual and Auto modes.
    1. While in Auto mode profiles will be activated automatically when their game/application is launched.
    2. Switching to Manual mode allows you to lock your mouse to a specific profile.
  2. Select which profile you want to view/edit from the profile carousel.
  3. Create your own custom profile with the Add Profile button .
  4. Select which predefined profiles you want to load with the manage profiles button .
You can find more information about managing your profiles via the Profile Panel here.

Side Panel

From the side panel you can:

  1. View mouse memory usage via the mouse icon.
  1. Enable/Disable in-app hints, or find links to helpful information like this page via the info icon.
  1. Access the main menu via the cog icon.
  1. "Expert Mode", which you can find more information about here. (this guide shows the previous version of the Z's software, which looks a bit different but is functionally the same as Expert Mode)

More information on the options and info available can be found here.

Main Pane

In-between the profiles panel and image of your mouse is the hints area. This will display dynamic hints depending on which screen you are on, and where your cursor is placed. Once you've learned everything they have to offer you can disable these hints with the X icon. They can also be enable/disabled via the info icon on the side panel.

The main pane shows an overview of your currently selected profile including button mappings and general settings like DPI and RGB. From here you can either click directly on the mouse image to select a button, or click on the action labels surrounding the mouse to modify that button mapping or setting.

If you need help modifying button mappings in your profiles you can find more details here.

More Info

Check the articles below for more detailed info on specific features available within the Control Panel.
  1. Customizing a profiles button mappings
  2. Creating & Managing Profiles
  3. Auto Profile Switching
  4. Supported Games
  5. Utilizing Deep Click
  6. DPI Options
  7. RGB Options
  8. Expert Mode

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