Supported Games

Supported Games

Games that are supported by the X1 Control Panel have some additional features which make it easier to setup your mouse for them:
  1. They will be automatically detected on your system if they are installed.*
  2. Once detected a pre-configured profile will be added to the Control Panel.**
  3. This profile will automatically be linked to the game, so whenever the game is launched your mouse will be in the correct profile.
  4. When customizing the profile you can select from a complete list of game actions, rather than having to remember their keybinds.**

*Games installed via the Epic Games Store cannot currently be detected automatically.
**The pre-configured profiles and library of named game actions rely on the default keybinds. So if you have customized any of keybinds in-game and want to use them on your mouse, they will need to be mapped directly to your custom keybind in the control panel.

The games following games are supported:
  1. Apex: Legends
  2. Borderlands 3
  3. COD Modern Warfare
  4. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  5. Cyberpunk 2077
  6. Destiny 2
  7. Dota 2
  8. Final Fantasy XIV
  9. Fortnite
  10. League of Legends
  11. Overwatch
  13. Team Fortress 2
  14. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege
  15. World of Warcraft
  16. Valorant

The Control Panel can be used for any other game or application. You will just need to create its profile from scratch, link it to the game manually, and it wont have a list of game actions to select from.

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