Swiftpoint GT Factory Reset

Swiftpoint GT Factory Reset

To Factory Reset your GT and restore all of its internal settings to default, please follow the steps or video below.
  1. Remove any existing Swiftpoint GT Bluetooth pairings to any nearby computer or device.
  2. Make sure your USB receiver is connected to your computer.
  3. Make sure your Swiftpoint GT is switched to OFF.
  4. While holding down the two top buttons (Front and Rear) switch the Swiftpoint GT from OFF to the ON position. Continue holding both buttons for a full 10 seconds, then release both buttons.
  5. Hold your Swiftpoint GT next to the USB receiver and roll the scroll wheel once every few seconds.
  6. The LED should give a short flash each time you move the scroll wheel. Then will give one slightly longer flash and stay off once the pairing is complete. (this should only take a few seconds)

If your GT did not automatically re-pair with its USB receiver during the process, switch it off then back on and hold it close to the receiver while you scroll the scroll-wheel. The LED should light up green in a few seconds to indicate it has been re-paired.

The reset will have also cleared any Bluetooth pairings from your GTs memory. So these will need to be re-created using the normal Bluetooth pairing procedure

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