Swiftpoint GT Software Downloads

Swiftpoint GT Software Downloads

Windows 8-10

Cloud Configurator

macOS 10.10-10.14

Download Gesture Technology Driver for Windows 8/10

Open the GT Cloud Configurator

Download Swiftpoint Manager for macOS 10.10-10.14

If you have Windows 8 or 10 you can enhance the touch gestures experience with the Gesture Technology Driver.
Whether on Windows, macOS or even Linux the GT can be configured using the Cloud Configurator. This can be accessed from the link above, or by setting the switch on the base of your GT to CONFIG.
Only install this if you are using macOS 10.10-10.14 (Yosemite to Mojave). Older or newer macOS version users can still use the Cloud Configurator to customize the GTs settings.

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