X1 Control Panel Experimental Linux Version

X1 Control Panel Experimental Linux Version


Linux is not an officially supported platform. This release is purely experimental, so comes with no guarantee that it will work on your system, or that it will receive further updates.

A list of known issues is included further below. But this release will undoubtedly also include some more interesting bugs I haven't found yet. The worst case I can envisage for these is temporarily locking up the mouse, or the Control Panel corrupting its own configuration. So I recommend exporting backups every now and then. But since it has not gone through full production testing on any distro (let alone all of them), I must also warn that you use it at your own risk.


  1. No firmware updates.
    1. Mouse firmware updates will need to be performed using Windows or macOS.
  2. No automatic software updates.
    1. Follow this thread if you want to receive update notifications via email.
  3. No Linux specific pre-made profiles or action libraries.
    1. The included pre-made profiles and action libraries are unchanged from the Windows versions. So some actions may not work on the Linux versions of that software (if Linux versions even exist).
  4. Will not launch automatically on system boot.
    1. Saving profiles to your mouses flash memory mostly eliminates the downside of this. But the app will need to be launched for auto profile switching.
  5. Keyboard input recorder cannot capture some shortcuts.
    1. Any shortcut which switches focus away from the Control Panel (e.g. Alt-Tab) cannot be directly recorded.
    2. These shortcuts can still be added to the mouse, but they will need to be created manually in Expert Mode; or created partially with the keyboard recorder, then edited to complete the shortcut.


Required Firmware
Included with the current Beta version on Windows/macOS.
Improvements to app linking.
Included with the current Beta version on Windows/macOS.
Included with the current Beta version on Windows/macOS.
Adds app detection for auto profile switching.
Included with the current Beta version on Windows/macOS.
Initial Release.


The Control Panel should run without any further setup after extracting it. However, it may not be able to communicate with your mouse before being given explicit permission on your system. So if your mouse is not detected copy the included '60-Swiftpoint.rules' file into the '/etc/udev/rules.d' directory, then reload the UDEV rules.
Running the three commands below from the extracted Control Panel directory will do this for you.
  1. sudo cp 60-Swiftpoint.rules /etc/udev/rules.d
  2. sudo udevadm control --reload-rules
  3. sudo udevadm trigger

SteamOS users may need to disable read-only mode to update these rules. This requires two extra commands as shown below.
  1. sudo steamos-readonly disable
  2. sudo mv 60-Swiftpoint.rules /etc/udev/rules.d
  3. sudo udevadm control --reload-rules
  4. sudo udevadm trigger
  5. sudo steamos-readonly enable

Known Issues:

  1. Doesn't fully exit when "Quit" is selected from tray icon menu.
  2. Simple/Expert Mode windows don't remember their position when swapping between them.
  3. Auto profile switching does not identify clicking on the desktop as an app switch.
  4. Incorrect fonts causing some text labels to be slightly cropped.
  5. Other minor visual errors with some UI elements.
  6. Possible crash when resetting profiles to default.
  7. [SteamOS] In gaming mode cursor can't access entire Control Panel UI.

Reporting New Issues:

This Linux release has not been thoroughly tested, so I do expect there to be other issues. If you run into any please do let us know via this Beta forum, or a ticket. But be aware that as Linux is not officially supported I generally wont be able to troubleshoot the issue with you. Instead I will just be monitoring issue reports more passively and solving what issues I can when time allows.