Swiftpoint X1 Control Panel - Changelog

Swiftpoint X1 Control Panel - Changelog

Latest Version - Feb 2024

General Improvements:

  1. Adds Swiftpoint Z2 Support
  2. Experimental Linux Version (more details here)
  3. Firmware update for Z, Tracer and Creator, including:
    1. Major firmware optimizations to significantly improve polling rate.
    2. Updated SROM for PWM3360 sensor. Further improves tracking performance.
  4. Expanded autobackup system to keep up to five backups instead of just one. A new backup create added on app launch only if changes have been made to your profiles since the last backup.
  5. The Force sensors used for Deep Click can now be re-calibrated via "Mouse" menu in simple mode, or main menu in expert mode.

  6. Blank mouse will be displayed if no mouse is connected.

Simple Mode Improvements:

  1. Updated UI color scheme for the Z/Z2.
  2. Custom background image can now be applied to simple mode via the Settings menu .
  3. View and configure OLED and Tilt settings (only 1 base tilt input for each direction, and no analog tilt inputs).

  4. Input combinations can now be created in simple mode.
    1. Just click the new "Add Input" button below any base input (except scroll).

    2. Select the input type and specific input you want to add.

    3. Adjust the input specific settings to suit the mapping you want to create.

    4. Collapse the input settings menu with the arrow on its right edge,

    5. Add any input to your new input combination as you would normally.

  5. Sub-profiles can new be added, viewed, and edited in Simple Mode.

    1. Click the small arrow icon which appears next to a Parent profile to expand or collapse its sub-profiles.

  6. Global Profile is also optionally visible and editable in Simple Mode.
    1. Enable this by clicking the Cog icon on the side bar, and ticking the "Show Global" checkbox.
  7. If you link an app to a profile which does not yet have a name or icon. The name and icon from the linked app will be applied to your profile.
  8. Clicking on an output in simple mode will now show a list of its individual output actions; as well as allowing you to rename it.

  9. Display up to two levels of nesting for all output types in simple mode.
  10. In Simple mode, "Viewed" and "Active" profile are now synced.
    1. Viewing a profile in Simple mode now also sets it as active on your mouse.
    2. When the active profile is changed by the mouse, or auto profile switching simple mode will also switch view to that profile.
    3. Both of these changes can be disabled if you prefer to keep the distinction between "Viewed" profile and "Active" profile.
    4. When this sync is disabled, profiles can be manually set as active by right clicking them and selecting "Set as Active".
  11. Re-arranged some options on the side bar for more consistency.
    1. Includes functions which apply directly to your mouse:
      1. Current memory usage.
      2. Save profiles to mouses flash memory.
      3. Reset mouse flash memory.
      4. Calibrate Force Sensors.
      5. Calibrate Tilt Sensors.
    2. Includes Control Panel version and help info:
      1. Current version number.
      2. Link to change log.
      3. Link to user-guides.
      4. Toggle hints display.
      5. Check for new version.
    3. Now opens a settings menu with several new options. Hover your cursor over a setting to see a brief description of its effect.

  12. Color scheme for previously connected mouse will be displayed on launch even without a mouse connected, instead of defaulting to Tracer color scheme.

Expert Mode Improvements:

  1. Added Mouse Movement output to expert Mode for use in macros.

  2. Added Action Library and Keyboard Recorder to press outputs on Expert Modes mappings screen.

    1. These function in mostly the same way as their Simple Mode equivalents. The only difference is that clicking directly on the press outputs name will take you to the output list (as it always has in Expert Mode).
  3. Any mapping in expert mode can now be saved into a custom action library.

    1. Actions saved to the custom action library are available on all profiles in both Simple and Expert mode.
  1. Added option to display output action list side by side with their mapping.

    1. This setting is off by default, as it doesn't work well for 1080p displays. 2560+ horizontal resolution recommended.
  2. Added option to display an inputs Press and Release output lists simultaneously. This also allows outputs to be dragged between the press/release inputs.

  3. Both of these options can be enabled at the same time if you want to see everything at once.

  4. Added Control Panel options menu to Expert Modes main menu.

  5. Mouse and Joystick Press outputs now have Release outputs added automatically in Expert Mode (previously this only worked for keyboard outputs).
    1. This automatic adding of release outputs can be disabled from the options menu if you prefer.
  6. Added right click menu to profiles in expert mode (options still also available from the profile hamburger menu).
  7. [Windows] Show list of open apps when app linking via expert mode (previously only available in Simple Mode).


  1. [Windows] Auto Profile Switching stability improvements
    1. Handles cases where misbehaving background apps could cause the profile to change unexpectedly.
    2. By default this will now re-check each profile switch four times a second for 1 second after the switch occurs. If you continue to have problems let us know; and try increasing the re-check timer in the Cog settings menu.
  2. Action library filters can now include the "space" character, making it easier to search for action with multi-word names.
  3. Resolved issue where auto profile switch could get stuck in a loop, swapping back and forth between two profiles.
  4. Deleting an input in simple mode will now also delete any inputs nested inside it.
  5. When the action library is opened the current action will be selected, even if it's in a sub-category.
  6. Action library will now open above the output bar if there is not enough room for it to fit below it.
  7. Prevent action sub-categories in libraries from being combined if they are not in the same group.
  8. Enabled save button when a profile is linked to app in expert mode.
  9. Prevent software update notifications from interrupting mouse coms.
  10. Addressed issue where incorrect translation could be applied to the UI based on OS region format setting, instead of language setting.
  11. Correct expert mode page titles for triggers and scroll-wheel
  12. [Windows] Load settings to the mouse after system wakes from sleep.
  13. Limit subprofiles list, and import/export dialog to window size. So they can't extend off the screen.
  14. Resolved issue where using the system tray context menu would also open the application window.
  15. Capped number of output actions on a single input to 255 to match firmware limit.
  16. Firmware Fixes:
    1. Fix for some computers not booting with mouse connected.
    2. Resolved issue where haptic motor could get stuck in an on state when mouse is starting up.

Previous Releases - November 2022

New pre-made Profiles and Action Libraries for:

  1. Hell Let Loose
  2. Path of Exile

Improvements & Fixes:

  1. Resolved issue where "Global Settings" (e.g. DPI, Polling Rate) were not loaded when manually importing a Global Profile.
  2. Resolved issue where incorrect profiles could be loaded during a manual profile import.
  3. Current active profile will now be maintained after importing profiles (if it is not removed).
  4. Stopped Control Panel from automatically overwriting profiles saved to mouse flash memory when it connects.
  5. Expanded Traditional Chinese translation to include everything except pre-made profiles and action libraries.
  6. Corrected an issue where available translations were not being applied on macOS. - September 2022

On Windows a list of currently open apps is now displayed when you are linking a Profile to an app. This saves you from having to locate the .exe file, and avoids difficulties with linking Windows store/Game Pass apps.

Added a link to our user survey in the intro prompt. - August 2022

New pre-made Profiles and Action Libraries for:

  1. Adobe Premiere Pro
  2. Blender
  3. Creo Parametric
  4. DaVinci Resolve
  5. Logic Pro
  6. SolidWorks

Creator now supports Expert Mode:

Use the button at the bottom left corner of the Control Panel to access "Expert Mode" where you can tweak the finer details of your profiles.

Improvements & Fixes:

  1. Minor corrections to Canva Profile, and Photoshop action libraries.
  2. Resolved issue with "Next/Previous Profile" actions not working correctly when selected from action library.
  3. Improvements to app install detection. - June 2022

New pre-made Profiles and Action Libraries for:

  1. Adobe Illustrator
  2. Adobe InDesign
  3. Adobe PhotoShop
  4. Adobe XD
  5. Affinity Designer
  6. Affinity Photo
  7. Affinity Publisher
  8. Canva
  9. CorelDraw
  10. GIMP
  11. Inkscape

UI Improvements & Fixes:

  1. Mouse movement inputs settings can now be edited in simple mode.

  1. Added option to record wait time between key presses when using the keyboard recorder to create macros in expert mode.

  1. Added "Duplicate" button to output list in Expert mode. This will create a copy of the output immediately below the original.

  1. OS shortcuts that were previously only in the Desktop Profile's action library are now available to all profiles.
  2. Added a Mouse Movement gesture template action, so gestures can now be created and edited in Simple Mode.
  3. Resolved issue where profiles duplicated in Expert mode would remain partially linked. Causing some changes in either profile to effect the other.
  4. Resolved issue where "Repeat From" outputs "Times" value would reset to zero whenever the output list containing it was viewed.
  5. Resolved issue where mappings pasted in expert mode wouldn't be saved, or would cut child mappings from source when "Merge" option was selected.
  6. Resolved issue where admin level applications with long names were not correctly identified.
  7. Resolved issue where changes to Default Profile, Auto Switching and Linked Applications in simple mode were not permanently saved unless other changes were also made.
  8. Added scroll-bar to action library list when filter is applied, so all results can be viewed.
  9. Resolved issue where action library search filter did not reach double nested actions.
  10. Resolved issue where Function key outputs were not created correctly when selected from action libraries. - Sept 2021

UI Improvements & Fixes:

  • Vibration feedback can now be added to deep click, mouse movement and tilt/pivot inputs in Simple Mode (Z Only).

  • Add labels for all nested inputs types in Simple Mode, and icons for mouse movement inputs.

  • The Control Panel can now launch directly into Expert Mode if it was in use when the app was last running.
  • Enabled UI scaling based on Windows display settings. So the UI will now be legible even on small high-res displays when Windows scaling is used.
  • Initial support for UI themes based on connected mouse.
  • Active profile displayed in UI now updates when profile is switched manually via mouse mapping.
  • Resolved issue where RGB drop-down in Simple Mode could appear in an incorrect location or not at all.
  • Prevent Control Panel from losing focus after manual check for updates.
  • Save option is now enabled when changing a block further outputs flag.


Auto Profile Switching Improvements & Fixes:

  • App detection system can now detect UWP apps (e.g. Windows Store apps).
  • App detection system can now identify apps that run as Admin, without running the Control Panel itself as Admin.
  • Added check for invalid app links created by selecting shortcuts generated by Steam.
  • Prevent false positive app switches due to detected exe being sub-string of linked exe.
    • e.g. "steam.exe" was switching to profile linked to "pathofexile_64steam.exe".
  • Prevent active profile from switching back to default when linked app with focus temporarily stops responding (e.g. while some games are loading).
  • When multiple profiles are linked to one application, the most recently used of those linked profiles is once again correctly saved and restored when switching between apps.
    • This is useful if for example you have separate class profiles for a single game which you switch between manually. As it means if you alt-tab out of the game the correct class profile will be loaded when you come back.


General Improvements & Fixes:

  1. Added an auto backup system for profiles.
    1. Backup of last profiles successfully loaded will be saved to 'Documents/Swiftpoint X1 Settings'
    2. If your profiles are corrupted and the load fails, the backup will automatically be loaded instead.
    3. A copy of the corrupted profiles will also be saved to 'Documents/Swiftpoint X1 Settings' in case any profiles can be recovered manually.
  2. Allow "Set Profile" and "Reset Angles" outputs on profile switch in Expert Mode.
  3. Added support for some previous firmware versions on Swiftpoint Z's.
  4. Firmware update stability improvements.
  5. Improvements to the Control Panels logging system.
  6. Resolved issue where overriding a mapping could sometimes clear other mappings on profile.
  7. Resolved issue where new mappings added in simple mode could seem to disappear.
  8. Resolved issue where a profiles mappings could appear to be duplicated after importing profiles.
  9. Resolved issue where outputs added to inputs which do not have a release (e.g. scroll/mouse movement) could get stuck down. - Feb 2021

  1. Enabled unlimited nesting of Deep Clicks in Expert Mode.
  2. Improved system for resuming firmware updates if a problem occurs during an update.
  3. Disabled firmware update option after firmware update completes to prevent unnecessary re-flashes of firmware.
  4. Corrected UI issue which prevented nesting of Pivot inputs.
  5. Corrected issue with app signature which caused previous version to sometimes be identified as malicious.
  6. Resolved issue with "Scroll Down" and some other outputs not initializing correctly and causing crashes.
  7. Resolved issue where apps with admin privileges could cause active profile to switch unnecessarily. (Apps run as admin can still only be fully detected if Control Panel is also run as admin).
  8. Enabled partial translations of Expert Mode inherited from Swiftpoint Driver (Simplified Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish).
  9. Disabled auto-save on app exit which was occasionally causing config corruption.
  10. Removed prompt to close Swiftpoint Driver on Software update (It is only necessary for firmware updates).
  11. Hide various unusable output actions in Expert Mode when Tracer connected. - Jan 2021

  1. Tracer can now access Expert Mode.
  2. Added Profiles and Action Libraries for:
    • Cyberpunk 2077
    • Destiny 2
    • Team Fortress 2
    • Valorant
  3. Added confirmation dialogue when profiles are removed via "Manage Profiles".
  4. Added Control Panel version details to "Info" button on sidebar.
  5. Blocked scroll-wheel on expert mode dpi sliders, combo boxes, and vibration outputs.
  6. [MacOS] Removed black fill in menu bar icon to match macOS style.
  7. Revised firmware update dialogues to address old 'Swiftpoint Driver' app only if it is running.
  8. Fixed bug which prevented changing of default profile in Expert Mode.
  9. Fixed issue where Z wasn't immediately detected if swapping from Tracer to Z.
  10. Fixed issue where Global profile can be wiped when importing profiles.
  11. Fix for mouse sometimes being temporarily disabled when X1 Control Panel is closed, or mouse is disconnected via expert mode.
  12. Fixed crash that could occur when Tracer disconnected in Expert Mode.
  13. Other minor UI tweaks and fixes. - Oct 2020

  1. Added support for TRACER (Z still supported).
  2. New UI which provides a clear overview of your profiles mappings, and simplifies the creation of new profiles/mappings.
  3. Pre-configured profiles added automatically for supported games.
  4. Supported games also include action libraries containing all default keybinds for easy customization.
  5. All advanced functionality from the Zs old software is still available to Z users via Expert Mode.
  6. Custom mappings can be assigned names which they will be displayed as in the new UI.
  7. Mappings can now be copied and pasted between inputs in Expert Mode.

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